Direct Action Against Israeli Occupation: Joseph Dana of Anarchists Against the Wall

October 12, 2010

You are invited to attend a talk on the Israel/Palestine conflict by an activist in the Israeli peace movement, Joseph Dana. Read the rest of this entry »


I.W.W. Organizer Training

October 11, 2010

Dear Friends and Fellow Workers,

We are hosting a labor organizer training weekend here in Binghamton on October 23rd-24th, and you are invited to join us.

This is an intensive two day training that includes an introduction to what a union is, what makes the IWW unique, stages of a campaign, the nuts and bolts of how to organize your workplace, labor law in a nutshell, and more. This training will also introduce you to the IWW’s style of unionism (solidarity unionism), a model of organizing that relies on worker-organizers, direct action, fighting for better conditions, and worker solidarity. We will be bringing in two veteran IWW organizers with experience organizing in timber, shellfish farming, agricultural work, restaurants, higher education, and construction to conduct the training.

The training will be from 10AM to 6PM on Saturday the 23rd and from 10am to 4pm on Sunday the 24th. In order to prepare materials and such, we are asking that people register beforehand here . We’re asking attendees for a $5 registration fee to help cover food and transportation costs, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Lunch is included.  If you are coming from out of town and will need housing you are strongly urged to preregister or contact us as soon as possible.

For more information or if you have questions about participating in the training, please call Joe at (607) 651-7705 or email

I.W.W. General Interest Meeting Wednesday

September 14, 2010

Binghamton University has decided to give its new interim President a $70,000 raise over the previous president, bringing his salary to $355,000. In addition, they also provide him with an apartment, a vehicle, a driver, air travel reimbursement, and an entertainment allowance! The same administration that approved these extravagant expenses recently destroyed an entire program – Philosophy, Interpretation, & Culture – in the name of budget cuts, hasn’t given Teaching Assistants a raise since 2007 (which is equivalent to a pay cut because the cost of food & rent has gone up), grossly underpays adjunct teachers, and continuously uses state budget cuts as a pretext to attack workers’ standards of living and slash programs left and right. While giving President Magrath a $70,000 raise, SUNY management also decided to raise tuition again just before the semester started. Politicians cite the economic crisis and a general lack of money as to justify cutting spending on education and social programs, yet they never seem to have a problem finding money for endless wars or for bailing out the banks that caused the economic crisis. SUNY management, like the rest of the elite, is actually cutting programs to give themselves more wealth, using the economic crisis as a pretext. They are at war with us, and things will only get worse until workers organize as a class and launch a counter-offensive. It is time to fight back!

The Industrial Workers of the World in Binghamton will be having a General Interest Meeting this Wednesday, September 15th, at 5pm in UU205. This is an introduction to the Industrial Workers of the World and its branch at SUNY-Binghamton, the Binghamton Education Workers Union. The IWW is an international workers rights organization. We use collective direct action to fight for workers against bosses. If you want to fight back, or are interested in anti-capitalism, workers rights, labor unions, or class struggle, this is an event you’ll want to attend.

Food will be served.

What’s Wrong with the GSEU

August 27, 2010

Communication Workers of America Local 1104, also called GSEU on SUNY campuses, is the government-sponsored union for Teaching Assistants and Graduate Assistants throughout the SUNY system. Although the majority of Local 1104 members are Teaching or Graduate Assistants, it also represents a variety of unrelated occupations across the state, including telecommunication technicians, telephone operators, nurses, and accountants. GSEU is a flawed organization. It is corrupt, authoritarian, led by bigots, practices election fraud, achieves little for its members, and signed a secret deal with SUNY management selling out its members. Among the problems with GSEU/CWA 1104:

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GSEU/CWA’s anti-Asian Prejudice

August 27, 2010

Below is a scan of the newsletter where Pete Cirillo (gseu/cwa1104 staff person in charge of health benefits) says:

I learned long ago that you don’t engage a battalion of gooks with a squad of Marines, and expect to survive without ground, air and artillery support. This also pertains to Verizon when you are dealing with Metlife, Workers’ Comp., or FMLA.

(emphasis added).
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